Top Dental Office Design Ideas & Trends

Medical research is always evolving and changing, as new perspectives and understandings are gained. Both ergonomics and the design fields teach us that how we feel is affected by design. Doctors are now taking note of this in their private practices. Interior design in medical offices is more than just a fish tank. It’s about the whole office. The design of dental offices is now more user-friendly. Decor and design can be easily changed to take into consideration the entire human experience. The first impressions people have of a dental practice can influence their overall experience. The top interior design trends for dental offices are currently making waves.

1. Bright and energizing Colors and Lights

It seems easy to change the look of your home with a fresh coat. Dental offices are currently displaying bright white walls with bold and fresh colors. Oranges, greens, blues and reds are the most popular colors for dental office design. Metallic colors are another trend.

Dental offices have also become more important for lighting fixtures. Using bespoke fixtures to illuminate specific areas such as the waiting area, the game room, or the reception, can help define and encourage movement in a dental practice. When lighting and color are combined, they can create a dynamic and memorable room.

2. Decor as Entertainment

Entertainment is a very popular trend, whether the dental office caters specifically to children or the entire family. The clients who come to dental offices that have a television or movie room above their chairs love it. Some dental clinic designs have gone beyond installing a TV or gaming system to include an entertainment component.

The frame of a television can be framed like a painting to make it look more modern. Some dental offices have media rooms that are decorated to give the impression of being transported to another place. The arcade-style machines and games can add a splash of color to a neutral office. Modern dental offices have incorporated entertainment into their design.

3. Open Floor Plan Treatment Area

The treatment area layouts of many dental offices are changing dramatically. The floor plans are changing. Instead of rows of closed-off, private rooms, they’re becoming more open. With minimal or no wall to separate the chairs. Many dividing walls don’t reach the ceiling. The result is that light can flood each room through the windows above.

4. Amenities for Home

The waiting rooms no longer consist of rows of chairs and magazines on a table, with a few toys to keep the children entertained. Walls are adorned with flat screen televisions. The waiting room can be heated by a fireplace. The different seating areas are designed to look like living room or sitting areas at a chic cafe. Elegant chairs around a coffee table encourage people to sit down and chat with those nearby. No longer do you have to sit up straight and stare directly at the person across from your face.

Snack stations are now incorporated in many dental offices. You will feel right at home with a mini-fridge, coffee maker and snack bar. After all, food is the key to your heart.

5. Posh & Glam Dental Office Interior Design

The days of dreary and stark dental offices are over. The dental offices are now glam. The waiting rooms are decorated with gold and silver accents. The chairs are not uniform or indistinct, but plush and comfortable. Sinks are not just for utility anymore.


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