Virtual Reality: How To Preview Your Interior Design

Imagine that you have already “stepped foot” in your dream interior, even if it does not exist. You notice a beautiful new chandelier which instantly transforms the room. A loveseat is perfectly positioned to the right of a newly painted wall. It is easy to spot mistakes and saves time.

Virtual reality interior design does this. Decorilla , an online interior design service, joins other major companies such as Google, Facebook and Samsung who see the potential of this technology.

It is possible to preview a design using the new virtual reality interior design app. You can see your space even before it has been built. This gives you confidence when making design and purchase decisions, and saves you a lot time. Contact us to get your VR project going or ask about a possible partnership at [email protected]

We sat with Alper Guler, a Decorilla partner and AR-Pandora to discuss the future of virtual realities and how VR can be a source of Interior Design Help for designers and clients.

A: Many companies, including Google, Microsoft (Oculus), HTC and Playstation, are investing in VR technology. Hardware providers have improved dramatically in 2015. Google Cardboard is a good entry level VR product with a price range of $10 to $30. Companies like Go4D and Homido have developed better-looking and better-lens models for Google Cardboard that cost $25 – 50 dollars. This segment is what I believe will dominate VR viewing in the next three years. Samsung’s Gear VR product, which is compatible with Samsung Phones and costs $99, offers a really good VR experience. Oculus, HTC Vive, and Playstation will release new products in 2016. However, these products are expensive and will be aimed at gamers and business solutions.

I believe people will use VR for virtual reality to explore places they’ve never been, all while sitting on their couch. With VR, gaming will be big. Social media will take on a new level. We will all have avatars, and we will meet in virtual rooms. In music and movies, Madonna is going to give a world-wide concert and you can buy tickets from the stage. Instead of selling 50,000, they will sell millions. VR will also be used in the education and training sector. With VR, interior and architecture design presentations will change. You will no longer need to look at pictures of the future space you are planning. Instead, you can see it in its entirety.

Q: Our clients appreciate the 3D renderings we provide to help them visualise their space. What are the benefits of VR in interior design?

Interior designers send their clients 2D renderings for their 3D designs. The Decorilla VR app offers three innovative tools to help you present 3D models. Customers can view a 3D model of their future room, and can zoom and move around. Second, they can view 360 renders by using the gyro feature of their mobile devices. It’s like looking around your future bedroom. They use Google cardboard to make it feel as if they are actually in the space.

Decorilla’s technology-driven approach makes beautiful spaces affordable and accessible to all. Interior design clients have always been provided with 3D models of their rooms to help them visualize the final look. It was only natural to bring that experience into the virtual world.



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