Minimalist House Design 2023, Affordable and Worth Imitating

With the development and progress in the field of home design, various new housing concepts have emerged, such as growing houses, smart homes, and minimalist homes. Among the millennial generation, simple minimalist homes are increasingly favored. This is because there are many advantages to building a minimalist dwelling. Besides being space-efficient, the construction of a simple minimalist landed house requires lower funds compared to luxurious residences. Moreover, maintenance costs will be much cheaper than luxurious homes.

Modern minimalist ground residences are often adopted by millennial families. Houses that are synonymous with minimal partitioning and room dividers make the home area feel more spacious, turning a compact home into a more comfortable living space. Are you one of those people who aspire to a modern minimalist ground residence as a place to live? If yes, will provide the latest 14 minimalist home designs for 2023!

Minimalist 1-Story Home Design

Although it doesn’t have a backyard, the front terrace of this house design looks very comfortable. With the use of parquet, it is perfect for relaxing while having tea in the afternoon. This minimalist house design is simple, yet it can be seen that the use of monochromatic colors makes it feel more spacious.

Example of Minimalist Home Design B Unique minimalist home design Pic via

The latest minimalist landed house plan above is suitable for those who enjoy cooking because, upon inspection, you will find that the kitchen size is enlarged. Spaciousness will be created while cooking. Additionally, unlike other simple minimalist landed houses, in this design, you will find that the main bedroom has its own toilet and bathroom. The overall building size is larger, but you have to compromise not having a front terrace or backyard.

Example of Minimalist Home Design C 2-bedroom minimalist house Pic via

Overcome the limited land availability with this one-story minimalist landed house plan. You can place some plants in the corners of the house to maintain a ‘green’ feel. Then, use neutral-colored paint and furniture to create a spacious look. Avoid excessive use of furniture.

Example of Minimalist Home Design D 2019 minimalist house design Pic via

Have more than one child but not enough budget for a luxurious minimalist landed house? Don’t worry, you can overcome it by using single beds as shown in the design above. So, there are still 2 bedrooms but can accommodate more people. The downside is that the main bedroom becomes smaller than the children’s room. But it is not a fatal flaw in a dwelling.

Example of Minimalist Home Design E 2019 minimalist house design Pic via

Utilizing a land area of approximately 105 square meters, you can have more freedom to arrange the layout of a one-story minimalist residence as shown in the picture. There is a front garden, backyard, and one carport. A cool and refreshing atmosphere will be obtained if you imitate this layout. The good thing is that there is still space for a garden for children to explore if you have toddlers.

Example of Minimalist Home Design F

Who says a one-story minimalist house cannot have a private swimming pool? With the following design, you can still have a private pool even if the house has a minimalist style. Although the pool size is not too large, it is still sufficient for daily personal use.

Example of Minimalist Home Design G Minimalist house Pic via pinterest

If you want to build a minimalist house with a unique design, you can look at the example above. The roof design of this house is quite attention-grabbing because it is made inclined on one side. This house design can be made with two bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room, and a carport.

Example of Minimalist Home Design H Minimalist house image

The above minimalist house design looks quite unique, with a boxy and functional shape. Inside the house, two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, and a carport can be created.

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