How to Choose the Color Palette of Your Living Room

It is an art to create a stylish and inviting living space. What’s the key? The key is to choose the right color palette. Discover the tried-and true color schemes for living rooms that designers love.

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Imagine your home’s color palette as a harmony that connects all the parts of your interior. The same color is used throughout to create a uniform and rhythmic style. The center of your home is the best place to start. Use these tips to make sure your color scheme for the living room walls and decor is consistent.

Tips: Certain colors work better for certain design styles than others. Match your living room colors to the style of your home. Not sure? Discover your interior design style with our free Interior Design Style Quiz!

Quick Tips for Creating a Beautiful Color Palette

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  • Let existing elements inspire you. designer updates can be guided by your largest and most prominent items, for example. A patterned rug will help you decide which colors work best. A neutral shade could be used for the walls, while a darker tone would work well for furniture and accents.
  • Choose colors that will help you achieve the mood you desire. Cooler shades like green, blue, and purple are calm, while fiery reds and yellows are vibrant and energetic. Layered neutrals, and darker shades, can be cozy and warm.
  • For living room color schemes, stick to three to five colours. It will be easier to create a harmonious color scheme and design.
  • It’s important to balance bold with neutral. Use neutral tones for a base, and then add color or contrasts for interest.
  • Light can have a significant impact on our perception of color. For example, natural light reveals tones that are true. You can test your choices, such as fabric or paint samples, at different times of day to make sure they will look great both day and night. Also, you’ll see how the colors and fabrics work together.
  • Choose a color scheme for your living room that follows the 60-30-10 rule. Choose one dominant color that covers about 60% of your room. Think walls, floors, or furniture and surfaces. One or two secondary colours should account for 30% of the room, while the remaining 10% can be devoted to an accent color that contrasts with or enhances the rest.

Best Living Room Color Scheme Ideas

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designer, Jamie M.

Discover our favorite living-room wall color schemes. The right colors will give you a designer look, plus an authentic feel. Here are some of the best colors for each person, from earth tones to jewel tones and monochromatic.

1. Chic Brown, Blue, and White: Warm-Cool Calm

Modern living room with blue accents by


Colors that are warm and cool work together so well to create an elegant design. This living room is a great example. The chestnut leather, cobalt pillows, wood and artwork, all set against the crisp white wall, create magic. Also, the proportions are perfect. The neutrals dominate the space but the accent color and secondary colors (browns and blues) define the design.

2. Curated Contrast : Veined Marble Inspired Interior

Gray living room color palette by


This sophisticated color scheme for the living area is a classic, thanks to its marble focal point. Color schemes can be dictated by a central feature like the marble fireplace slab. The crisp white sofas and gray accents in this room contrast beautifully with bold black chairs, and the fireplace. This shows that a limited colour scheme can have a strong impact. Small amber accents in the decor and stacked wooden provide just enough warmth to offset a cool palette.

3. Emerald Allure: Gem Tones & Gold

Design of a jewel-tone living room by D├ęcorilla

Mix deep jewel tones with white and warm neutrals for a luxurious look. An emerald-green sofa is the focal point of this living room, set against gem-colored walls and white. This ties into the emerald-colored wall paint to create a rich jewel-toned harmony. The repetition of color creates visual rhythm, which pulls your gaze around the room.

4. Bold Elegance – Black and Pink Contrast

Living room in pink velvet and charcoal by Decoration

You can choose to have a subdued color scheme or a lavish one. For example, this formal lounge makes best use of color contrasts. Matte black walls create a moody, intimate setting, while fuchsia furniture and decor add a pop of color. This dynamic pair creates a dynamic interior with dark tones that still feels vibrant. The neutral grays in the rug and scatter cushions soften this daring combination.

5. Layered Neutrals for Timeless Tranquility

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The tranquil atmosphere is created by a serene mix of soft beige and creamy white. Natural light brings out the warmth of the colors, while darker wood tones ground the room. In neutral color schemes, it is important to make the most of darker accents and details. In a light-colored interior, it is important to create distinction. Add a splash of color, such as a vibrant green houseplant.

6. Modern Monochrome: Chic Gray Gradient

Joseph G., Designer of Decorilla, designed a gray living room color scheme.

The color scheme of this living room with gray creates a stylish, unified and sophisticated space. Different textures and upholstery create a balance in the space. The space is kept interesting by using different shapes, fabrics with tonal contrasts, and vertical space.

7. Autumnal Aura: Rich warm tones and off-white

Case H., designer of decorilla, shares his living room color palettes.

Do you want your home to feel like an intimate hug? Mix earthy colors with rich reds. Pick a base that balances the colors, such as a neutral shade of off-white or sand brown. You can have a lot of color on your surfaces, but you should also include a neutral base to give the eyes pause and break up monotony.

8. Painter’s Harmony: Black, white and gold

The living room color palette of black, white and gold by Decoration

The high-contrast palette of this living room is inspired by contemporary art, which features a mix of black and white. The interior is reminiscent of the bold strokes in abstract linework with the clever use of artworks, curved seats, and a line rug. The key to softening a space is gold. The warm tones of the gold offset cool shades and add a touch luxury.

9. Classic Charm: Traditional Color Palette With a Twist

Rene P., designer of decorilla, designed this open-concept transitional living room.

This traditional color palette adds a playful twist to its classic furniture and soft white backdrop with the addition of vibrant coral and blue accents. Throw pillows with different patterns and curated botanical prints on wall give the room a timeless, yet personal aesthetic.

10. Nature’s Equilibrium – Vibrant Green Terracotta

Decorilla has created a warm and inviting family room.

Imagine a forest wonderland in your living room! Imagine a canopy of lush, deep greens embracing you. Terracotta accents mimic the warmth of fall leaves while beige pillows and throws mimic the softness found in tree bark. You can bring the tranquility of nature inside, with every color evoking the beauty of the forest.

11. Seaside Serenity – Soft Neutrals and Blues

Design of a coastal living room by Decoration

The tranquility of the seaside is reflected in a soothing palette of neutrals, such as sand and oceanic shades. The combination of light, airy shades and natural textures creates a space which feels like a continuation of the beach. Focus on a mostly light palette, with a vibrant accent and a dark accent to create a serene coastal design. Layer interest with textures and forms.

12. Vibrant modern living room palette: Formal meets fun

Vibrant contemporary interior design by


The modern minimalist design is gaining popularity. The interior is grounded and vibrant by using beige, off-whites, and bold pops like coral, yellow, or blue. Choose one or two neutrals for the primary and secondary colors and limit your accents to three or less.


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